Webkinz Delightz Donut Pup Plush

Ganz USA LLC HM5119 - Each webkinz comes with a secret code which allows you to enter Webkinz World! Children interact with technology and learn both computer and internet skills in a friendly, controlled environment. Games and quizzes are geared for different age and grade levels and new activities and challenges are regularly being added to the site.

Each webkinz plush comes with a secret code that allows the owner to log into the website and adopt a virtual version of their pet. Members look after the care, feeding and nurturing of their pet.

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Webkinz Chocolate Pup

Ganz 12461 - Furnish a room, chat with other members, play trivia challenges and visit the arcade. After they log in, kids can name and adopt their new pet, learn all about it, play and have fun. Webkinz toys are a collection of very special plush pets. Each plush pet comes with a special code that lets you adopt your pet in Webkinz World.

Shop for clothes, food, toys and furniture at the W Shop. This code is the password into Webkinz World, an online world for the young at heart. Webkinz toys are a collection of very special plush pets. Every webkinz pet wears a tag with a secret code that can only be read after purchase. Welcome to our webkinz & lil'kinz World! Webkins is an exciting online virtual experience where your plush pet comes to life.

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